WTB: Any parts for a 98-02 Trans Am conversion


Okay I have alot of the stuff, I just need a few more things:

WTB: Any parts for a 98-02 Trans Am conversion, preferably in mystic teal metallic

ram air hood
trans am bumper
front turn signals (trans am only)
impact absorber
The brackets that attach the headlight assemblies to the cross member support, preferrably with all nuts and bolts, I need both the inner and outer brackets for each side:

outer headlight bracket
RH 10414795
LH 10414796

inner headlight bracket
RH 10276145
LH 10276146

I also need the pigtails for the headlights, the sides coming from the car, I think it is the male end.

Located in Columbia or College Park, Work at BWI