Hey everyone, Im installing a 97 Camaro dash in my 86 Fiero, and I have all the dash parts now minus the radio and the wiring for the headlight switch. I wanted to know if anyone here had a 97+ Camaro parts car who could cut off the wiring for me and sell it at a reasonable price. I would also need the dimmer switch wiring as well. Basically, I need the plugs that come off of the whole headlight switch assembly. One other small thing I need for the dash is the fuse cover on the drivers side. I have the gauges wired and have all of them working, except for the speedo (havent had the time as of late), and would really like to get this switch wired up. Let me know at tsinclair@frontiernet.net if you have a parts car or can find a car in the junkyard to rob the wiring from. Thanks very much!