I need a TCS panel that the button goes into that sits next to the lighter for my 98 formula 6-speed. charcoal is preffered but it really doesn't matter. I ordered one for a 2000 and the damn button doesn't fit cant get it to work I guess 98's were different can't see why they would be.

I also need the retaining ring that goes around the shifter boot that clips in to the center console. If you have a complete center console 6-speed charcoal gray let me know what that would be.

I could also use a good used Throttle Body of a 98 LS1 or if it would owrk any LS1 I suppose.

I f anyone has these parts please email me with your price and part numbers if you have them so I can checks fitability, I live in New Jersey 08318 plese if you could give me an idea of shipping costs.

thank you