Good evening, I am looking for these parts for a rebuild.

LS7 Clutch, LS2 Flywheel for 2001 Camaro SS

243 heads with OEM Valvetrain from z06 (long shot)

Camshafts 224R 228R no higher please
-will take 02-04 Z06 oe cam

Double Springs and Titanium Retainers
-will take oe z06

7.400 PR

Let me know what you got as far as heads, valves etc

As you can tell I'm opting for an LS6 conversion but will happily take something comparable or better. I have always preferred oe performance. Trying to piece it together cheaper than buying every last part new. So if your looking to sell please pm me any details. Also low miles and excellent condition preferred, I won't waste your time I just expect the same =)

Located in California

Thank You LS1!