looking for my brother some xmas presents for his 4 door 96 tahoe... ie: nerf bars (possibly from a HD w/ mounting equip.), clear headlights/turn signals, hood, body lift kit, chrome anything...
if you have anything available just shoot me a PM or email at harleytwotone@bellsouth.net

hoping i can make his xmas a little better cause he doesn't think he'll get much since my mom wont have much $ with my dad being gone this yr. trying to make the best out of a bad situation. thanks guys i appreciate you.

he's got my dad's old 96 blue tahoe with the blue leather interior... i've never seen one like it but he's been trying to do some stuff to it.. my mom just spent like $800 to repair a lot of junk to keep it running right and put dual exhaust on it.
he's getting the mod bug now =) and i wanna do something cool for him