Greetings All,
I am putting my '95 Z28 back together and have been buying lots of Parts.
Thiss car has a 98-02 front end on it so I need those parts. Lower Panel Covers are Identical so 93-02 parts will work there.
I am in need of a few more items not really seen. My car was wrecked in the Front End so everything up there pretty much Shattered. I need headlight Brackets, Panels top and bottom that cover everything, the fiberglass front bumper support...etc.
What I have bought so far is the Bumper Cover, Steel Bumper, Bumper Reinforcement pad, Hount latch and mount.

If you have any items I am in need of please pm me through the Forum or e-mail me

I Greatly appreciate this Site and it's members, Please send me messages, I need Parts!