I have a Zex nitrous bottle, it is a 10lb bottle with a -4 nipple and gauge on it, it has their high flow valve according to the sales guy I talked with. I have upgraded to a NANO system, and am selling this. I am asking 70.00 paypal shipped to you. (sorry but the shipping is expensive these days)
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I also have a NOS bottle heater with the high amp relay and switch, this is the wide heater, it heats the bottle up quickly, I have had it for about a year, I paid over 100 dollars for the heater.
I am asking 60.00 paypal shipped to you for the heater and the relay/switch
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If you want it all it will be a little bit cheaper becasue I can ship it all at once.
My rating on here is perfect, I have the same username on ebay with over 300 transactions and my rating is perfect, so You will have no worries with me. PM me if you want this and I will hit you back with my paypal. Thanks