I have a few parts I'm trying to sell. Not sure of fair pricing, so if I'm off, just let me know.

1 pair factory factory headlights that have been Whistlered, I bought them from Kenro on here, but never installed them, one side was pretty hazy and it looks like he sanded it down with some fit grit, but it needs to be polished out a bit. - $75

1 pair of factory 98-02 tail lights. My car came with aftermarket lights, the seller included the stock ones, I pulled them out once, they looked clean. Always wanted to install them but never did. - $100

2000 SS PCMfor 6 speed. This is the stock one that I pulled out when I put my Frost Tuned PCM in. This would be great to buy if youre wanting a mail order tune but cant go a few days without your car, its exactly what I did. - $75

1 pair stock lower control arms - $20

Stock T-56 shifter, no ball. - $50