Ok, ive come to the grim realization that I have neither the funds nor the time to finish this project as im in my last semester of college and need to buckle down. So, im going to be selling this as a complete setup. This truely is a 1000hp kit (same setups Tiago used to make over 1000hp). This is not a bolt on and go sort of thing. You are going to have to finish the downpipes...

This kit was built around a foxbody mustang ls1 swap, but im sure it would fit alot of other applications. I dont know that it will fit an f-body for sure. It includes:

New Master Power T70's .68 a/r . 0 Miles - 1200$

Dual 38mm wastegates. 7lb springs - 200$ new

1 3/4" headers (edelbrock 6.0l shorties), v-band connection to turbo crossover pipes. Everything is fully tig welded. 1/2" t4 flanges. 2.5" tubing - countless man-hours. Hard to put a price on this, but 700$

4 brand new Dynatech 3" stainless v-band assemblies for the downpipes- 170$

Full builders kit for the downpipes includes 4 of each : u-bends, 45's, and 90's. O2 bungs included - 190$

Dual 3.5" core 2.5" inlet and 3" exit intercooler. - 220$

Function 7 -10an billet drain flanges on the turbos - 40$

Looking for 2500$ for everything as you see it. That is 200$ less than what I paid for parts alone. If you want everything but the turbos, ill let that go for 1300$. Shipping not included!