I took these HID light out of my Formula before it was stolen because i was gonna change the color temp. Well my car was stolen so I dont need these anymore. I did custom make these lights. It is a clean set up thou. I use to work for AAC (aacstyle.com) where all we did was custom headlights so it was nothing for me to make these. I cut out the halogen bulb then custom fitted the HID bulb in each housing. I did use panel bond to ensure the bulbs dont move and water does NOT get in there. The bulbs have about 8 months of use on them, ballest will be brand new. The kit is an ORACLE band kit, it came with a LIFETIME warrenty. The kit list for $279 by itself(check website above.) plus new housing at the time and labor.

You get
-2 housings with bulbs in them

and thats about it because you dont need anything else.

Price 225+sh. OBOMake an offer please. I prefer to do paypal transactions. Its safe for both paties involed

Contact me by either
Phone Text-504-274-8958 (best way/fastest respose)
Email-streetracingGSX@aol.com (2nd best way)
PM me here. (i'll check this post as often as I can)