I have decided to go another route and go with something else. I bought it from a member here and we went at it. I ended up getting the kit and everything is intact. What I did notice that you will need to get the jets for it. It only has the 150 jets. I persaonally tested the noids and seats and they hold no problem. I will not seperate it. No more than 3 bottles have gone thru it. I just want what I paid for it. So $600 shipped to your door. It is boxed up and ready to go. I only opened it to test everything. I will accept paypal verfied,Personal Check (Will not ship till it clears) or Money Order.

10lb bottle, brackets, and carpeted wooden platform for spare tire well,
N2o Gauge
Brand New Blow down tube (in box)
All Lines
TNT Power Ring with nozzles. 150 shot included.
All Solenoids, relays, switches included and working.
Comes with bottle warmer and purge kit
Brand New MSD Digital RPM Window switch (in box)
Instructions, and some misc. AN fittings and lines.
Brand New Billet MicroSwitch (in box)
Additional WOT switch

http://www.santown.com/ta/tnt These are the pics of it.