Hey all, my buddy is thinking of swapping out his original TH350 auto out of his 1974 Chevy Nova and installing a T56 in its place. He just did an engine swap to a GM 350HO crate motor, and now he wants to get a manual trans to pair with it.

Basically I'm just trying to gauge interest, if anyone would be interested in trading a good condition T56 (with bellhousing, clutch, shifter, ect) for his TH350, which is in excellent working order. It did service behind the original 250 I6 for many years (its the original trans that came with the car in '74) and its been going strong behind the 350 V8 since the swap. Never slips, shifts perfectly, and fluid is clean. Transmission pan gasket has a minor leak, but thats easily fixed.

Obviously it wouldn't really be an even swap cost wise, so he would be willing to pay a couple hundred for the T56 with parts on top of the TH350.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.