I honestly don't know how much to ask because I don't even know if someone else can use this. It's vin specific but I don't know if you can send it back and have them change it or if someone knows how to do it them selves... I used it once and this was the biggest improvement I felt against all the bolt-ons. It's in perfect condition and comes w/ everything. So just make an offer and lets go from there. Thanks, Steve.

About SuperChips Inc.

SuperChips heritage founded in England in 1983. SuperChips Inc. was one of the first companies specializing in the “tuning” of computer-controlled cars, trucks, SUVs and vans for more power. Vehicles programmed by Superchips have gone on to win in a variety of racing series throughout the World.

Since beginning their U.S. operations in 1992, They've continued to excel in racing, along with providing more power for street driven vehicles. SuperChips current performance tuning comes from years of experience in tuning computer-controlled cars, trucks and SUVs, unleashing the power potential hidden under your hood...to deliver MORE POWER FOR TOW & GO! SuperChips dylo plot

* Tuned every 200 rpm.
* Dyno tested and street proven.
* Application specific tuned products.

What does this all mean?

When SuperChips Inc. program a Superchips MAX MicroTuner , for your vehicle, they don't just make a few universal changes at full throttle, their engineers make modifications throughout the entire power band, from part throttle through wide open throttle. These changes are made specific to your particular vehicle's original factory computer program.

By tuning every 200 RPM, you get more power for everyday driving with increased power in the lower RPM range where you need it. As shown below on the dyno graph, the torque gain at peak is nice, but the increased torque we found at the lower RPM range is outstanding and it's right where you really feel it on the street in everyday driving!

On the top end, notice that while the horsepower starts falling off just past 4,000 RPM, the Superchips program holds a higher level all the way to redline.

This means more torque on the bottom end to get you moving and more horsepower on the top end to keep the motor pulling strong all the way to redline.

How does it work?

Superchips cracked the codes to release the performance potential of your vehicle. All you have to do is simply connect the Superchips MAX MicroTuner to the diagnostic connector inside your vehicle. Superchips MAX MicroTuner saves your stock program, identifies the program and then uploads the correct Superchips performance program for your vehicle, to give you more horsepower and more torque. No generic “one program fits all” tuning - Superchips engineers program to specific ECU codes.

Superchips MAX MicroTuner gives you the competitive edge by specifically tuning your vehicle’s computer, without ever removing it from your vehicle.

* Gain up to 10% more horsepower and 13% more torque
* Results vary by vehicle - your results could be better
* Raise or eliminate top speed limiter*
* Increase rev limiter*
* Adjust automatic transmission shift points and shift firmness*
* Calibrate for changes of rear gear ratio*
* More towing power and quicker acceleration
* No tools necessary for installation

*Not all features are available on all applications

Superchips MAX MicroTuner is available for the following cars, trucks & SUVs: Chevrolet/GMC, Dodge, Ford, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota. Ford F150, Ford F250, Ford F350, Ford Expedition, Ford E-150, Ford E-350 Ford Thunderbird, Ford Mustang, Ford Crown Victoria, Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy, Chevy Astro, GMC Safari, Chevrolet/GMC Truck 1500, Chevrolet/GMC Truck S-10/S-15, Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Avalanche, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Chevrolet/GMC Tracker, Chevrolet T-Series, Chevy Express, GMC Savana, Chevrolet W-Series, Chevrolet Kodiak, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Trans Am, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Firebird, Dodge Ram, Dodge Dakota.
Click to view Application List: Ford SuperChips, Chevy/GMC SuperChips, Dodge SuperChips.