Alright this stuff is just sitting in my basement.

The box wont fit in an fbody but i know many of us have DDs as this it was in mine. I paid over $200 for the box but last winter i hit the guardrail on the highway. The impact ripped the one sub out of the box. The box has some damage on one side but its all cosmetic. If you turn your sub a little it will seal fine, it didnt crack all the way through either. Ill post pics if anyone is interesed. This box was made to handle the JL W7 series of subs
$100 plus shipping obo.

The Alpine sub is their SWR series. I opened it last year and its been sitting in my basement because i already have 1 other, its just old but it works. I simply never got around to pulling my system out to put it in. So its never been used. Great sub, 4ohm 500W RMS and 1500W max, RMS is all that really matters though.
$80 plus shipping.

Pics will be up if theres interest