Full Name: Kevin O
Email: OutToWinPAHC@aol.com
City, State, Zip: Philly, PA
Shipping: TBD
Price: Ranges


The 2002 WS6 parts are from a 52K engine

2 MSD/ Bosch fuel pressure regulators (never used) 36-45 PSI Model MSD 2220 retail $90.00 each, will sell for $30.00 each

Hypertech Hyperpac for LS1 Camaro, Firebird, Vette $350.00

LS1 EGR type intake 97-00 $50.00 off 2000 Z28

LS1 heads (valves and springs included) $125.00 off 2002 WS6

LS1 7.40 pushrods $15 off 2002 WS6

LS1 Hughes LS1 to TH350/400, 700 or 200 crank adapter, NEVER opened $35.00 ($43 at Jegs) PN HP3795

Stock C5 LS1 and 2002 WS6 exhast manifolds $25 a pair.

Transdapt TRD-9588 TH350 Chrome converter dust shield, brand new $25.00