Like new set of .030 over .120 dome pistons. For use with a 3.75 stroke crank and a 6.0 rod. This will make a ~13:1 383 SBC. I ran them for all of 10 minutes before the oil pump let go and wiped the crank. The pistons are fine, theyll need new rings, Ive included the old ones in the box for reference. These have floating wrist pins (included) with all the lock rings to keep them in place. A small amount of the coating has been worn off of the skirts, but that wont affect anything other than aesthetics. Two valve reliefs in the top of the piston with a .120 dome.
Ai ran these in a 1996 LT1 and while it ran it sounded great, with a 64cc head it was right at 13:1 compression.
Im looking to get $150 cash for them.
Buyer pays shipping.

I have pics I can email, but I can't seem to get them to show up here.