I did a garage cleaning and found some parts I forgot I still had from my 98 SS. I am not sure what prices to ask on this stuff I did some searches and saw a span so tried to get around those prices so bare with me and I can negotiate on whatever my feelings wont get hurt just PM me. Also I do not have pics of everything because the car is having a h/c swap done as we speak. Sold as is. PICTURES BELOW

- Patriot Cam 226/226 .585 .585 112lsa $225+ shipped SOLD
I bought this from a friend he had almost 3k miles on it before going bigger, with all the parts I have lying around I to think I should go bigger so its still in the box since I got it from him. Sorry no cam card.

- Stock Y-pipe(pictured partially behind airlid) removed at 20k miles $25 obo SOLD

- 2 Cats removed at 20k miles $50 obo SOLD

- Stock LCA`s removed at 13k miles $25 obo SOLD

- Stock Air Lid removed at 3k miles $25 SOLD

- Stock LS1 Intake $50 obo SOLD

- Taylor Spiro Pro Wires about 15k miles on them $25 SOLD

- Stock Manifolds removed at 20k miles $50 obo

- Stock Spark Plug wires also removed at 20k miles $make offer

- Stock 98 LS1 Heads assembled $125 obo

- Stock Valve Covers $30 obo

- New GM Valver Cover Gaskets Unopened $35 (shipped)

- Stock 98 LS1 Cam $35 obo

- MTI 98 Lightly Ported Throttle Body w/bump stop mod & trimmed throttle shaft(advised by former seller) $85 obo

- Stock Oil Pump $20 obo

- Stock Thermostat $15 obo

- (2) 1000 Watt Audio-Pipe 10" Subwoofers ran for about a month on a 250 watt amp. $100 obo

Shipping not included unless negotiated.