Set of 4 winter tires for 16"x8" wheels, these tires all have 8-10/32nds of tread life. Brand new they are 12/32nd's. $452 from tirerack for a brand new set (before shipping)

I used these tires for less than 15,000 miles and have a Honda for the winter I do not need them. Here are the specs:

Dunlop*Graspic DS-3

With a 60lb sandbag in the trunk, these tires your f-body can go up hills and handle turns just as well as a fwd car in the snow. I tested my trans am in 4", i turned off traction control, i have a six speed. Now I have a honda so I have no need for these. I am asking for $195 for the complete set, for pickup or I can ship them at an additional cost generally $25/tire. Tires only, wheels not included.