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The Autotrix Passenger Window Fix kit is $29.99

This is only a remedy for the passenger window.

By default power comes from your battery, thru your Body control Module on the passenger side then over to the driver side switch. Then back to the passenger window to operate it. This long path of power reduces the amperage and voltage the motor gets by quite a bit.

So your motor is underpowered which

1. reduces motor life
2. reduces motor strength
3. makes the breaker blow and the window stop.

This kit will get power to the window directly from the battery. It will improve power to the driver side when both windows are being rolled up and down at the same time due to the switch on the driver side no longer needing to power the passenger side.

From the factory The driver side is powered fine when it is the only one operating but everytime you roll them up or down together they are both getting hit with low voltage. The kit will wake up your passenger motor, but you driver side may be going out if it is acting like the passenger window.

All the cars in the videos on the site have no driver side issues. Getting this kit before you have problems will only help make sure you don't have these issues early.

Window motors WILL fail like any electric motor, but they should not fail so soon. Our window motors should be able to last over 10 years during normal use when they are properly powered.

We also now offer a very affordable Window Motor bundle kit with Dorman window lift motors, Passenger Window fix kit, and an express down module $225

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