I hate to say it, but summer will be over in 16 short weeks, and then you'll be really glad you have these great tires-- at such a great low price!

This is a set of 4 outstanding winter high-performance tires -- Made in Germany Dunlop WinterSport M3 -- mounted on OEM 17x9 Camaro SS 10-spoke alloys (will fit any 1993 through 2002 F-Body). Size is 255/45-17, which gives a tire diameter almost exactly the same as the stock 275/40-17 tires (25.7 inches dia.). The tires have ONLY 5,000 MILES of easy driving on them! These tires were bought on Nov. 9, 2006 at Advance Tire in Cambridge, Mass., at a cost of $920 for the set of 4 tires ($230 per tire, plus mounting and balancing -- total cost was $1,003) -- not counting the value of the wheels.

I will sell the set, mounted and balanced, just off the Camaro, for only $575, plus UPS shipping if you're more than 150 miles away.

You can see photos of the wheels & tires at:


I will deliver these tires/wheels personally to a buyer within 150 miles or so of Gloucester, Mass. for only $30 delivery charge to partially cover the gasoline cost. If you're within 50 miles of Gloucester (e.g., Nashua, NH, or south of Boston), I'll deliver them free. I can also ship them via UPS to other parts of the country—it would be around $120 to $140. I can ship to Canada via UPS standard, but it will be expensive.


I'm selling these tires & wheels because I don't have room to store them in my small new apartment (courtesy of a divorce). The wheels on which they are mounted are the original 10-spoke aluminum alloys that were OEM equipment on my 2000 Camaro SS (the wheels have been in storage since summer 2002. Replacement cost from SLP Engineering for each wheel was approx. $175 (but these wheels are no longer available new). They are straight and true and in solid, very good condition, although they have some moderate curb rash.

Here is Tirerack.com's description of the tires:

"Dunlop SP Winter Sport M tires are Performance Winter tires that were developed to blend dry road performance with snow traction. They are sized for sports cars, coupes and sedans that come from the factory equipped with low profile tires mounted on large diameter alloy wheels and are engineered to deliver performance and traction whether the road is snow-covered or not."

For more information including specs, customer reviews, etc., please visit:


The tires are phenomenal performers: here's what a typical owner review on Tirerack.com has to say about them:

"These tires can do it all. They keep me comfortable in all conditions, even in my 300HP rear wheel drive (2006 Lexus IS350). Excellent grip when braking on snow or ice. No loss of performance when pavement is warmer and dry. Excellent in rain, no hydroplaning. These tires are all around excellent and lead to confident driving in all weather conditions! Get these tires."

Several owner reviews on Tirerack said that these tires performed better than all-season tires and they planned to drive on them year-round! I wouldn't recommend that, but if you want to save wear on your summer tires, you can easily leave these on for two or even three-season use because the overall performance is outstanding.

Email me at SpeedyCamaro@Gmail.com with any questions!