For Sell! 1LE Springs

Located in WA.

$70 + Shipping, local pick up welcomed, PM me for location and contact number and paypal information.

I have a full set of 1LE springs, part numbers on the springs are

1LE front springs (LT1, 360 lbs/in) (94-97) = Part# 22132561

1LE rear springs (LS1, 130-170 lbs/in) (98-99) =Part# 22132889

*The 1LE front springs for the LS1 are the same spring rate as the LT1's but just a different part #.


Front Spring comparison

Left one is the 1LE spring, right is stock


I would compare the rears but they seem close in height but seem to be a little bit thicker and have these plastic coil protectors near the bottom of the spring coil as where the stock rear springs do not have these on them. The progressive rate being different may lower it a tad bit. :nod: