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Predator Programmer FOR SALE

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    Predator Programmer FOR SALE

    I bought the predator programer (for 99-02 Ls1) brand new and had it maybe a month, the only reason I bought it was to correct my speedometer when I switched to 3.73 gears, I have a custome tune so I dont need it anymore. Brand new they cost $400.00 I would like to get $350 and the buyer pays shipping
    Here is the rundown on this programmer from the website I bought it from and a couple of pics. If interested PM me thanks

    Lifetime Warranty!
    Screen Size that is 300% larger than the competition
    Quicker programming (takes approx. 2 min.)
    Custom Files can be downloaded from internet which allows for future updates
    and customized programming
    OBD-II diagnostic software (includes live data monitoring of MPH, RPM, IAT, ECT, LTFT, STFT, O2 voltage, timing, knock retard detection, as well as many other sensors
    Eliminates CAGS (Skip Shifting) on the 6-speed manual transmissions
    Revised Torque Management Settings for optimum performance
    User adjustability. the user can set their own parameters - Choose from DiabloSport's performance program, have a custom performance program made for you by a Diablo Tuner, or create your own:

    a. Richen or lean fuel mixture
    b. Advance or retard ignition timing
    c. Raise and lower shift points in 10 RPM increments
    d. Raise and lower rev limiter in 10 RPM increments
    e. Reduce shift duration (time delay during gear change) (+/- 25% and anywhere in between)
    f. Increase or decrease shift firmness (+/- 25% and anywhere in between)
    g. Correct speedometer for gear changes and/or tire sizes
    h. Turn on cooling fans at lower temps in incremental steps of 1 degrees (for vehicles w/ factory equipped electric fans)
    i. Adjust top-speed limiters (eliminates on the Y and F-bodies)

    The Predator is the most advanced tuning programmer available today. It has taken the hand-held programmer to a new level. You will notice quicker acceleration and better throttle response. If you have an automatic transmission, the Predator will also give you a firmer, more responsive shift pattern (gas vehicles only at this time). The Predator will raise your rev limiter as well as it allows you to raise your top end speed limiter if you have installed high speed rated tires.

    A unique feature of the Predator is that is allows you, the user, to “fine tune” DiabloSports program. Since vehicles are located at different elevations or different weather climates, the way the vehicle responds to the DiabloSport program may vary (not all vehicles are exactly alike). Some vehicles will see better gains than others and some may see better (or worse) gains than advertised. This is due to the fact that not all vehicles respond exactly the same. Now, here’s the good news…If you're not totally satisfied with the way DiabloSport program performs, the Predator allows you to make your own adjustments to the program. For example: If you feel that the shift points are too firm, you can go into the program and lower the transmission line pressure (gas vehicles). If you feel that you can benefit from a higher shift point rpm, you can go into the program and raise shift points. If you feel that you will benefit from a few more degrees of ignition timing, you can go into the program and add some timing (gas vehicles). The Predator allows you to "fine tune" the DiabloSport program to meet your specific requirements.

    The Predator has diagnostic abilities near identical to GM’s Tech2 software. The predator will allow you to read diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), erase DTC’s and perform live data monitoring. You can monitor your engine sensors while driving your vehicle and much more.
    The Predator will save the original GM program so if at any time you want to go back to the original factory specifications, it will allow you to do so.

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    I'm interested. Has it been reset to stock?

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