N.O.S 5177 Dry kit for sale $375

comes with everything that originally came with the kit including the 15 pound bottle . probably 18 months old, but only used a couple times.. my car has been down for almost a year.. have 2 sets of all the jets, and will throw the SLP lid drilled for the kit in for an extra $40 bucks..

problems with kit: only "problems with the kit are cheap fixes.. the WOT switch and bracket works great, but i had to safety wire the switch to the bracket to get the angle i needed to operate it.. that being said, the bracket has been cut and bent to fit my application, so you might have to get a new one or make a new one..either way its only a few bucks.. Also, i cut the down tube to fit the bottle being mounted in the T Top are, not sure if the length is will work anywhere else or not.. you can see how long it is in the pics.