References: I am a moderator on the "other" LS1 board. I'm "z28onn2o" ebay with perfect feedback. And I was "z28kid93" on this board before all that was lost and was a member since '99

Getting rid of all my nitrous stuff. What I had was an NX EFI kit, that I bought the NOS 90mm plate for my intake/TB setup. This plate also fits LS2 cars since that is what it was originally intended for(NOS-13435). I had the upgraded hoses from NOS from the solenoids to the plate. I also ran a dedicated fuel cell setup that fit behind and under the driver's side headlight, and sat on/above the black plastic that is under the front bumper. It's a Holley Blue pump with regulator and -6 AN line from regulator to solenoid. how i had it mounted i used rubber line from tank to pump and to regulator since it was a short distance.

I have the NX jets that come with the base kit

I have the NOS jets that came with the plate (100/125/150)

These jets are for use with the fuel pressure of an LS1

I have 150/210/250 jets for the plate when using the dedicated fuel cell.

If you got a couple little pieces and another pair of solenoids, you'd have enough for a dual stage since i still have the shark nozzle and the lines for it

I also have a ZEX TPS WOT switch. The switch is a couple months old. The dedicated fuel cell setup is ONLY two weeks old and has about 6 passes on it. Everything is in perfect condition.

NX EFI Nitrous Kit w/ purge kit, bottle, jets, lines - $500

Dedicated fuel cell setup - $300

ZEX TPS switch - $50 ($69 new)

NOS 90mm Plate w/ jets & lines - $175 ($200 new)

All prices PLUS shipping and paypal fees.

If you want it ALL, $1000 and i'll pay shipping


Here's some pics: