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N20 Kit / Stock Bare Heads/AS Stage II/Tr224 cam/HPP3

This is a discussion on N20 Kit / Stock Bare Heads/AS Stage II/Tr224 cam/HPP3 within the Parts For Sale / Trade forums, part of the Sponsors Group Pricing and Parts Review category; TNT F2 Kit (WELL USED) have all jets 125-250,Big Filter, instructions, noids, power ring, relays, microswitch, lines. No Blow off! ...

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    N20 Kit / Stock Bare Heads/AS Stage II/Tr224 cam/HPP3

    TNT F2 Kit (WELL USED) have all jets 125-250,Big Filter, instructions, noids, power ring, relays, microswitch, lines. No Blow off! standard valve on bottle easy to buy at any good parts store. Ready to go (if your not scared of blowoff in the car with you) just needs new wiring, do have mount bracket and relays. Bottle is well used but works great! (paint is hammered on the bottle I can respray (any color/design whatever just ask and provide picture), Power ring paint is still good.(purple adonized); Bottle Brackets, Liquid Pressure Guage.


    NX Bottle heater
    Works perfect with relays and instructions, no wiring.


    Harlan Programmable Window Switch
    All instructions relays and wiring
    $50.00 (the housing is missing (it was a piece of pvc pipe with two rubber caps))

    Dyno Tune AF+Kill Switch
    All instructions relays and wires, very nice piece monitors O2 sensor, and will kill if a Rich or Lean condition is detected, also stating whether it was lean or rich, fits perfectly into cig spot on interrior.

    Nos Purge Kit
    Complete, works and looks good, ready to go.

    Buyer Pays Shipping on individual parts, I will sell all N20 stuff together for $500.00 and pay shipping.

    1 Set of 1998 LS1 Bare Heads, these are off my original motor had 78k when pulled for a swap to AS heads, they have been dissasembled, hot-tanked, and fully inspected by a local machine shop. They are in great shape and just need valves/springs combos, they do come with the 98 Valve covers; I do have all the original valves as they were removed, however the springs and keepers are no longer with me.
    $350.00 buyer pays shipping

    1 Set of 1998 AS stg2 heads, light mill (11:1), tons of port/bowl work, oversized manly valves ,they are dissasembled, hot tanked and inspected, 1 head is cherry, the other has lots of damage to what was #4 cyl, they were on the car for 700miles, a retainer came free dropped a valve in and gernaded the motor, the valve seat and exhaust side guide are badly damaged the cyl surface is dinged bad as well; quoted around $700.00 to fix it right, there are cheaper ways to fix it however I'm a stickler for RIGHT; I have the original flow charts for these heads and they were killer. I have all the valves except for the two in #4 cyl as they are destroyed, I was running ISKY springs, Titanium Keepers, I have most of them however I would recommend changing to the CC spring set up, I am not sure if a spring snapped, first or after the valve dropped, either way I would go to the proven springs, keepers, retainers. Comes with new Vitan valve Seals!
    $250.00 (similar performing heads are around $1700+ new now from any reputable shop; I paid 2500+ 500 core when I purchased them. I'm real flexible on these heads as they just anger me to see in my home.)

    1 TR224 this is the .563/563 version has 700 miles on it, had it cleaned and inspected after engine gernade, in good shape. I will throw in with the cam a comp cam adjustable timing set (700miles was in the motor still looks good I did not have it prof inspected) Also set of 14 Comp Cams hardend pushrods, and type R series lifters ~700 miles on those too. (2 missing on each from motor gernade I did tank the parts, they look good but did not have a machinest go through them, they are sitting in wd40 and have been since late 03)
    $150.00 buyer pays shipping

    1 HPPIII for 1998 Vehicles, I bought it used, and do not have the instructions, just the box, unit, cable and adapter; You all know what these things are good for, mostly tire / gear adjustments /thermostat / slightly stiffer shifts, the tune up part I never felt a difference just seemed to run warmer, and be less responsive; I paid 150.00 for it;
    I'm looking for $50.00

    Or take friggin everything for $1250.00 I'll pay shipping and throw in all the other assorted LS1 parts I have on the floor, most of which are stock parts, but there are a few nice performance ones in there, couple tbs, all kinds of covers, complete set of 01 sensors and computer (for a 6speed car), stock stall convertors, billet mains, stock mains, oil pumps, stock valvetrains, and on and on, 1 longtube mainfold, 1 front bumper, just a big ol grab bag of 7 years of enthuisasticness, just the leftovers you'd expect form 3 motors, 2 trans, and 4 rearends, old set of arp hardware and so forth Have lots of pictures just email if your interested guaranteed there is WAY more than 250.00 in stuff

    Moving out of my place, and don't have the Three car garage or big driveway gotta make some stuff dissapear in a hurry.

    Email at for more info + pics

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    email sent about the purge kit.....

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    Can you send pics and specs on the cam to thx 112 or 114

    thx Tim

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    Re: N20 Kit / Stock Bare Heads/AS Stage II/Tr224 cam/HPP3

    Send pics of cam and parts to am very interested have Family coming over in a week.

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