It's currently in the Firehawk right now. Don't think I have the funds anymore to go through with the turbo build. For trade, I'd be looking for a NA setup. Cammed, heads/cammed, heads/cammed/intake LS1, LS2, 6.0 truck block, 408, 383, etc. I'd even be interested in adding a little cash for a stroker built motor.

Shortblock machined @ Panhandle Performance in TX.
Forged 347 built for turbo (8.7:1 CR).
-16cc Mahle dished pistons
Eagle I beam rods
Comp lifters
Rollmaster timing chain
Ported oil pump
Upgraded bearings & gaskets
ARP bolts
Crane cam 220/224, .551/.551 Lift, 114 LSA
Precision dual springs
TSP hardened push rods
5.7 heads with exhaust side ported
GM SS valves with valve job
LS6 intake.
MSD 8.5 super conductor wires
NGK plugs

I'm pretty sure it has less than 7000 miles since the build. It was used on the track a few times by SuperZ and went a best of 9.6 1/4 with a power adder. She runs like expected everyday it's driven, doesn't overheat, & has excellent oil pressure. Sorry, I haven't had the car tuned so I'm unsure how much hp it would put down or how she feels to her full potential.