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All parts are from my 97 camaro with about 130,000 miles, unless otherwise stated. pictures of all the parts are on the link. All parts worked well when they were removed from my car. All prices do not include shipping and as always im open to offers on all prices

Radiator Support for 93-97 Camaro LT1 & V-6 Has small crack but still works ~ 20$
Stock Lt1 Clutch Master Cylinder ~ 15$
Stock LT1 FPR and vacuum hose(Fuel pressure Regulator) 15$
Plastic steering colum cover For LT1 10$
Air Pump and hose 20$
Stock LT1 Fuel injectors 65$
MSD coil wire 8.5mm, new, this is for the older LT1's I cant remember what year, it has the opti plub on one end and a standard boot on the other 10$
coil and ICM (ignition control modual 35$
Complete A/C, minust the houseing 100$
Stock Stereo from 2006 Silverado 70$
Stock speakers from Same Silverado 40$
NIB Comp Cam Lift .531/.568 Duration @.050 214/224 And 115 LSA , Was for my 383 when i wanted a blower motor. 180$
(4) 17" silverado wheels and center caps, With 2 good tires, If you want I can take the two bad tires off the rims for you 200$ wheels have no road rash, and tires have about 18000miles on them
13*4.5 trailer wheel and NEW tire 40.00
Amp Rack (amps not included) 35$ thats half the new price, and you get the mounts that you have to fab up to get it to work
LT1 knock modual 10$
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