Well, tough times call for desperate measures. I actually just bought this kit off another TBSS member and w/ bills and moving into a new place, sometimes the toys have to go...

part#s nos nitrous

05169nos ls2 plate kit
14164nos bottle heater
16032nos purge kit
nos wot throttle and rpm window switch
and zex remote bottleopener
10lb hiflow blue bottle and brackets, 6an lines,liquid filled gauge, blow down tube, and fuel pressure safety switch, instructions jets and all. This stuff cost about $1600 new.

Again, it never even went on my truck. I opened the box to confirm the parts and put them back in. Bunch of extra parts labeled in the box as well. I'm also going to throw in a pressure gauge I picked up separately to go w/ the kit. Guy who had it sent 4 bottles through it. I got some better pics in my email available upon request.