As the title says I've got a set of Lakewood Competition Ladder Bars (PN Lakewood #620-20462) for sale. They fit Camaro / Firebird 1970-1981 (Paid $225 - Summit now $197.99). I actually used these on my 1969 Nova that I used to race and drive on the street, as well as a 1981 Camaro. They are made for street or strip use, completely bolt-on without any welding (I did tack the driver's front due to uni-body flex as you can see in the pic, but you can easily knock off the weld. They increase traction by eliminating wheel hop and strengthen the rear suspension by tying it all together (sort of like SFCs but only for the rear components). They have a little surface rust from being stored for two years and really need to be sanded and painted. Don't have a need for these any longer so I'm putting these up for sale. $125 plus shipping from Fayetteville, NC.

P.S.: You'll need to pick up two additional U-Bolts for the rear and 4 X hi-grade bolts to locate the fronts, about $20 or so if I recall..