The Subwoofer:

Kicker S15L7
Size: 15 in. square
Peak/RMS: 2000/1000 watts
Depth: 8 3/16 in.
Min/Max recommended sealed box: 1.5/6.0 ft^3

The Amplifier:

Kicker SX1250.1
Power: 1250 watts @ 1 ohm
Length with endcaps: 22 1/2 in.

I tried to get all the important stuff there but all the info is also at the Kicker web site.

The sub has dual 2 ohm voice coils and the amp is 1 ohm stable, so wiring the coils parallel will get you ~1250 watts to the speaker, a perfect match. The sub retails at $500 and the amp at $1200.

This stuff is brand new. I took the sub out to fit it in my car only and as you can see in the pics the amp is still in plastic. I just really need this stuff gone to fix a couple things with my car. Not really sure how to price this stuff so I guess I'll ask 600 obo plus shipping for both or 200 for sub and 400 for amp, but make offers I'm pretty open and need some cash.

Also have some Infinity 5012i 5-1/4" (2) and 6812cf 6x8"/5x7" (2) new in box aswell for 50 bucks each plus shipping. Thanks.