Hey guys,

My IPod has taken a shit again so I'm getting rid of it and everything I have associated with it. Listed below are the items I have all are for sale.

1. IPod2Car with a GM connector for 98-02 FBody's - $100 OBO
2. IPod G4 Black/White LCD Screen - $25 OBO
3. IDock for G4 IPod - $20 OBO
4. IPod G4 Battery, it's a year old but still keeps it's charge - $10 OBO
5. IPod G4 Internal board - $20 OBO
6. IPod G4 case, it has a few tiny scratches - $20 OBO
7. IPod Firewire cable, usb cable and charger - $20 OBO

Any interest please PM or email me @ shadowZ29R@aol.com.