Hi guys. Well i have been trying to get rid of these extra panels for quite some time. I tried posting on craigslist and nothing. I was only asking $40 for the set. I checked with UPS to get an idea of how much wil it cost to ship some of the items to Cali for example and it's around $83 dollars for the front panels only. That's crazy. So at this point I just want these panels to find a good home. I don't want to put them in the trash. So if you live in FL and will like to stop by and get them they are yours. If you want to give me some money for them it will be cool but if not you can have them for free. I live in Orlando by Sea World area. The panels have some scratches but the clips and speaker grills (black in color) are good. The rear ones were painted silver at the bottom. You might be able to remove the paint but once you install the panels you can see very little of it. The passenger side front panel has one of the rear plastic holes busted so it works but if you want to use that screw you need to put a washer.