I just bought a 01 CSS. It has the 10 spoke alloy rims on it, Ill post the pic below. I'm a newbie to the Fbody world and have no idea the going rate of things for these cars other than LS1 fans. Is there any interest for these rims and whats the going rate for a set, 400? Im pretty sure 3-400 is the going rate for these things. One that I noticed had minor curb rash and they were dirty but I think they'll clean up perfect. The car is actually going to be in the driveway tomorrow so Ill be doing some detailing work on it then and saturday so Ill have a accurate gauge of how they really look. I really would like to go w/ a different set of rims for this thing and have found some I'm interested in already. But I honestly don't know what these things are worth to other Fbody owners. I'm interested in getting rid of them but also cant say how well they look. But here's the pic. Any advice to the going rate on these wheels would be so greatly appreciated. Pm's or responses are glady welcomed. Thanks guys and gals.