I'm selling a brand new TRT intercooler kit specifically designed for the STS turbo kit. The intercooler has a 3" core, measures 12" in height, and is 24" wide. The stainless steel clamps are made by ETS. This intercooler setup was purchased directly from Texas Rear Turbos. The link to the site is:


They have the intercooler kit listed for $799.99 + shipping. I'm willing to let it go for $815.00 shipped Shipping/handling alone will cost roughly $75.00 If you prefer a local pick-up, I'll let it go for $750
If you have any detailed questions regarding the intercooler setup contact TRT (Texas Rear Turbos) @ 817-703-3750 or 817-801-9592

If you have any questions, contact me at CSULALS1@yahoo.com

'00 M6 Z28