I have alot of sensors for sell, and other random items. All new in box. Will ship on buyers expensive, unless stated otherwise on item. These should work on any 01-02 LS1 Car.. but part number is included so do research to find out if it will work for your car.


Haynes Chevrolet Camaro/Firebird '93-'02 Repair Manual - Part No. 24017 Still wrapped in the plastic!! $15 SHIPPED

BWD Oil Pressure Switch - S4184 - $30

BWD Throttle Position Sensor - EC3048P - $20

BWD Knock Sensor - S8696 - $35

BWD Air Charge Temperature Sensor - WT3036Z - $10

BWD MAP Sensor - EC1686 - $35

BWD Coolant Temperature Sensor - WT5132 - $10

BWD Trans Speeds sensor 'auto' -S8367 - $10

BWD Crankshaft Sensor - CSS142 - $35

BWD Oil Level Sensor - S8112 - $20

BWD Camshaft Sensor - CSS1531 - $35

BWD Idle Air Control Valve - 31036 - $100 SHIPPED

Purolator Fuel Filter - F54714 - $ 15 SHIPPED

Also have some relays, if im not mistaken alot of these can work for the blower motor to the coolants fans.. I have 2x R3107 Relay $10/ea, and 2x R3115 relay, $10/ea

Lowering springs 'rear', Unknown brand. Bought from a friend, but with my tires, where 2 low, killer stance on street tires tho.. blue in color.. pics on request.. $40 OBO..

Also may have other crap laying around, new and old. Shoot me a pm and ask. You never know.