These are off of my girl's Z. She was in a hit and run yesterday and the lady forced her into a median. Two tires are screwed and it put minor curb rash on one of the rims with a major issue with the other. The other two rims and tires are in excellent shape. She has Continental ContiExtremeContacts with 10k on the tires with about 70% tread left. The two tires (which are directional) are for the driver's side only. Pics of these two are below:

The two good rims and tires I will let go for $250 total.

The bad rims will have the defective tires pulled from them or I will reduce pricing so when you mount tires to them you can pay for disposal ($10 knocked off the price total). Pics of these rims and the issues with them are below:

Asking $60 for these or $50 if you want to buy them with tires on them (thought they could be good as drag wheels).

I take PayPal and shipping will be picked up by the buyer. I am in St. Louis, MO