Rockford 400a4 and 400a2 with custom box that holds both amps and fits on top shelf $300 shipped. I priced those amps the other day and new the 400a4 was over $600 and the 100a2 was over $200.

Pioneer 200watt 2 channel $65 shipped.

MSD6al no pills $200 shipped.

Stock lt1 manifolds with air tubes $70 shipped.

A rear well box with 1 dead and 1 working pioneer 12 for $150 shipped (shipping is gonna really cost me).

I have 1 fog light and bracket no mouting screw $60 shipped

I have 1 rear hatch strut $25 shipped

I do have some stock internals (a stock cam, pushrods, springs, timing chain) If interested pm me. Will let em go cheap to help someone out if they need to rebuild and have a tight budget. It was all pulled out by previous owner when he did a mild head and lt4hotcam package. I would say the stock parts prolly have 40k miles on them.