I have a couple of items I hope to get rid of that I have no use for anymore.

First, is a Bassani ORY pipe for 2000-up stock exhaust manifolds. Bassani part #57002. Part was on my car for 6 months until I switch to Kooks lt's. $300+ brand new, asking $150 + s/h.

Second is a new (out of package but never used) SLP Speedo Recalibration box that I have had laying around for a while. Want to keep an accurate speedo after a gear switch without paying $500 for a tune? Then take this off my hands for $50, shipping included.

Third is a used bra for '93-97 Camaro (not RS). 1st person with $25 takes it.

Last (and I know this is random) is a set of stock exhaust cans from an '05 Yamaha R1. Were only on the bike for the first 500 miles, then boxed up and stored. In perfect condition. Only the cans, not including the exhaust guards. Will fit '04-06 R1. Perfect for rebaffling. Asking $200 or OBO. Interested in other stock R1 parts? if you are let me know.

I have pics of some of these items that I can email but be patient. Located in south Houston for you local guys/gals. I should be able to accept paypal payment.