for sale is a 100mm maf i bought from tsp roughly 500 miles ago, something is wrong with the sensor because during tuning the ve table was spot on and when the maf was turned back on it would shoot dead lean and would not come off of it so id recommend buying a new maf..BUT it could have been something else, the sensor does not have the iat sensor wires going to it because the housing is aluminum and heat soaks BAD so i relocated it. 125 shipped on the 100mm maf sensor.

98-02 f body center console has the ash tray and storage compartment cut out from the previous owner- 25 shipped obo
ls1 timing cover- 30 shipped obo
ls1 fuel rail, missing schrader valve- 30 shipped obo
6.0 truck balancer, has light rust- 25 shipped obo
6.0 a/c bracket- 25 shipped obo
4'-3' 90* coupler- 25-shipped obo
3.5'-3' coupler- 15 shipped obo
4'-3' straight coupler- 20 shipped obo
i also have a busted ls1 oil pan that would make a great mach up oil pan-20+shipping obo
the pcv line from the valley cover to the intake- 10 shipped obo
2 rear block water blockoffs with gaskets- 10 shipped obo
ls1 water temp. sensor 10-shipped obo