Completely Built T56 swap for sale!

Fully Built T56
T56 bell housing
T56 Cross brace
Center Console (Black)
02 Slave cyl.
02 Master Cyl
Pro 5.0 Shifter
Hydraulic line (drill mod performed)
Billet steel flywheel (will be freshly resurfaced)

The T56 was completely built by Transmission Physicians October 2006, The car is only driven normally once per week and probably only has about 1000-1500 miles on it.

The transmission build consist of

New 1-2 Slider
New 3-4 Slider
New 2nd Gear
3-4 Billet Keys
Steel 3-4 Fork
Bronze Fork Pads for 1-4 forks
Carbon Fiber Synchros (reverse is brass)

Asking $2095.00 + shipping or $2095.00 OBO for local pick up