for sale - complete wiring harness from the INTERIOR of a
2001 z-28 with 6-speed
- includes EVERYTHING from under the dash, includes fuse box, integrated body control module, all relays, air bag sensor under console, fuel pump connection on rear drivers side floor under the seat, complete radio harness all the way back to the monsoon amp ( and yes it comes with the amp ) and the rear seat speakers - the factory motion sensor on the right rear wheel well. all the way up the sail panel to the dome light ( comes with dome light ) and rear hatch brake light wiring, all connections to the power seat and seat belts
ALSO comes with the sub-harness from the left door-across the dash-to the right door for power windows/locks/mirrors)
ALSO comes the sub-harness for the rear lights outside the body
-the only damage was to the rear view mirror plug ( the wires came out ) but i am INCLUDING the mirror and the plug still attatched

it does NOT come with any of the dash switches, guage panel or controls or air bags - but everything else is included up to the dash ( neatly unplugged )

basically a complete interior harness ( perfect for repairing a theft recovery ) or swapping to a 6-speed

$250.00 shipped and insured via ups