Trying to sell my nitrous kit. Would like to sell as a complete package but if not I will part out. The bottle is full so I will not ship, must be local to Dallas, Tx. All are Nitrous Express (NX) Items except for the Mallory Window Switch.

My email is as I will not be checking PM's often.

Complete Package $1100 or $700 without the Bottle Opener and Bottle.

Nitrous Kit $400 shipped
Purge $90 shipped
"Black" Bottle Heater $115 shipped
Wot Switch (included in Nitrous Kit)
Fuel Pressure Safety Switch $35 shipped
Filter $40 shipped
Blow Down Tube (included in Nitrous kit)
Carbon Fiber 12 pound Bottle $300 LOCAL
Remote Bottle Opener $180 shipped
Mallory Window Switch $50 shipped