I'm selling some comp cams chromemoly pushrods, the size is 7.375. They are LIKE NEW, i put them in my TA, started it up let it idle for a couple minutes and it didn't sound any quieter than with the other length pushrods i had in there so i pulled them out and did what i should have done in the first place and checked my preload and sure enough they weren't what i needed, so now i'm looking to sell em. I paid $141.36 shipped for them new(from thunderracing.com) so i dont wanna let them go for too much less than that, considering they just have a couple minutes of idle time on them. I want $100 plus shipping. They are .025 shorter than stock, so if you milled your heads or something, they would help your valvetrain geometry be more correct. If you need pics let me know, my email is TimS3369@aol.com.