I am liquidating my personal collection of 1980s and '90s sales brochures and public relations literature for GM cars, and I have a lot of 4th-Gen F-body, mostly LT-1 vehicles, but a few LS-1s, almost all in mint condition and still in envelopes.


1993 -1999 Camaro sales brochures, $15 ea. plus $6 shipping

1996 Rally Sport supplement, $8 plus $6 shipping

1994 Firebird, 1994 1/2 Anniversary Trans Am, or '94 1/2 F-bird Convertible, 1995 or 1996 Firebird sales brochures, .... $15 ea. plus shipping

"The Firebird Story" -- 1993 color soft-cover book produced by Road & Track magazine for Pontiac, discusses 4th-gen f-body design & engineering development.... $18 plus $6 shipping

1994 Pontiac full-line, slightly worn corner, $12 plus $6 shipping

Many other LT-1s, including 1994 1/2, 1995 & 1996 Impala SS, '95 Cadillac full-line, etc.---- write to confirm prices and availablity.

1994 Firebird Convertible PR media info kit --- includes b&w photos & color slides of Trans Am, Formula, and Firebird convertibles. NOTE: Outside folder is worn.... $18 plus $6 shipping.

1996 Pontiac PR media info kit --- includes b&w photos and color slides of all
Pontiac & F-bird models including new ram air..... $25 plus $8 shipping

1998 Pontiac media kit --- excellent, gorgeous WS-6 red Formula on cover....
$35 plus $8 shipping

1994 Chevrolet Dealer Product Guide -- unique because it has illustration on cover ---and very-rare photograph inside --- of 4th-gen Camaro convertible prototype with incorrect front turn signals, very-good condition..... $35 plus $10 shipping

1994 -1996 Chevrolet 9-C1 Police Caprice & Camaro brochures ****SOLD***

1994-1997 Firebird Firehawk ***SOLD***SOLD***SOLD***

Pontiac show car media kits: many odd & ugly Pontiac show cars from the 1990s -- sorry, I have put the names out of my mind.

Also many other GM brochures: 1987 Pontiac full-line, 1988 Pontiac full-line, etc. etc. -- E-MAIL REQUESTS for these or other cars.

These are lowest I can go on prices -- they reflect my time in locating and shipping --- but no shipping is necessary if you can pick up. DISCOUNTS ON ORDERS OF THREE OR MORE.

CONTACT artistdon2005@yahoo.com

Thanks for this ad, and lets pray for affordable and attractive f-bodys and GTOs in the near future.