hey all, selling my 3rd gen's current drivetrain in hopes for going LSx

327 bored .040 over with speed pro forged flat top pistons(-5.3cc)
summit 1103 cam (.442/.465) at 112lsa
gm "pink" rods
steel crank
2 bolt mains
083 casting TPI heads(stock)...may need valve seals
Almost 99% stock TPI induction setup

tpi setup:
--7730 ecu
--SD tpi harness
--moates.net xtreme aldl data logging usb cable for tpi cars
--moates.net chip adapter and chip tuned for my 333ci/24# injector setup
--southbay fuel injectors(24# ford racing blue tops)
--BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator
--stock lower
--stock runners
--the upper was modified by removing the "egr wall"
--stock TB
--the sensors are either all new or in working order

The World Class T5:
--110,xxx miles from 89 formula
--has stock clutch disc/pp
--has all hydros
--vss box
--both 1 piece rms and 2 piece rms flywheels

in in toledo, ohio

looking for 1500 complete or LQ4 setup.......id be going carb so no efi needed :P