I only have 8 miles on it. I drove from the muffler shop to my house. I paid over $340 for the system. I'm keeping the "I" pipe and building my own single-in single-out system. The muffler is 3" inlet with dual 3" outlets and the tailpipes have the 3" polished stainless steel tips.
This system sounds nice and deep with absolutely NO rasp. I decided to go with the single outlet system because I want to hide the tailpipe and tuck the muffler up as high as I can. I like the look of no tailpipes better. This is an excellent system and sounds 1000 times better than the hollowed out cats and LM2 system I had.
I would prefer to have someone pick it up, however I will ship. It will be a wide box do to the tailpipes being welded to the muffler and I wouldn't want to separate them.

$200.00 + shipping

I accept paypal.