I bought a complete kit that I feel I got a good deal on, to complete my nitrous setup, instead of peicing together the one I could have used. Along with it, came this BMN window switch that is supposed to be a lifesaver on a 6 speed car. It's most known feature is the first gear lockout. Not sure about the rest, didn't have any wiring diagrams, but I've searched google and found a bunch of different ones. The guys that have it, and are able to use all of it's functions, seem to love it. However, since I'm an automatic (guy I bought it from was a 6 speed), I don't need it. This is the only picture I have. I'm heading back over to my buddys garage to finish up the wiring and will take a few more once I get it off the car. I'm asking $80obo. Paypal only if not local pickup in the DC metro area.