I have like new ( used 3 times ) Barry Grant Professor II Sportman Weather Station Kit. This station runs a ton of programs like:

1) Air Correction Program
A: Air Correction Factor
B: Density Altitude
C: Air Density
D: Water Vapor Pressure
E: Dew Point Temperature

2) Tune Up Program Menu
A: Establishing a Baseline Tune-Up
B: Changing Jets
C: Holley Carb Jetting
D: Precision Diameter Jetting
E: Fuel Injection Jetting
F: Fuel Injection Hi-speed Bypass Calculator
G: Orifice Square Area Calculator
H: Blower Over Drive Calculator
I: Methanol Specific Gravity Correction
J: Nitromethane Percent Correction

3) Run Completer Program

4) Standard Dial-In Program

5) Density Altitude Dial-In Program

6) Throttle Stop Setting Program

7) Test and Tune Program Menu
A: Full Run Standard Day Correction Program
B: Intermediate Time Analysis Program

8) Compression Ratio Program Menu
A: Calculate Compression Ratio
B: Calculate Required Chamber Volume
C: Calculate Required Piston Dome Volume

9) Cubic Inch Displacement Program Menu
A: Calculate Cubic Inch Displacement
B: Calculate Required Engine Bore Diameter
C: Calculate Required Engine Stroke Length

10) Exhaust Gas Temp Program Menu
A: Correct Exhaust Gas Temp
B: Predict Exhaust Gas Temp

11) Estimated Performance Program Menu

12) Calculate Engine Horsepower
A: Predict ľ mile E.T. and MPH

13) Gear/RPM Program Menu
A: Calculate Required Gear Ratio
B: Calculate Finish Line RPM

14) Torque Converter Slippage Program

15) Set Up Program Menu
A: Density Altitude Dial-In Set Up
B: Throttle Stop Timer Set Up
C: Fuel Selection Set Up
D: Select Atmospheric Pressure Gauge (Pick Gauge)
E: Calibrate Barometer

In 2002 I paid over $550.00 for this kit, like I said before itís only used 3 times. It is very accurate. I have all paperwork and instruction manuals it is like BRAND NEW!

ASKING: $425.00/ OBO + Shipping
Call 913-758-9214 Leavenworth, Kansas