Once again trying to find a buyer for this stuff.

the subwoofer box is made from MDF and has been fiberglass on the inside. It hits very hard. It is carpeted in grey to match the interior of my last TA. It also has flames made into the top of the box which are also carpeted. it holds two 10" subs.

the amp rack will hold anything you want. I had a punch800a2 amp, chrome digital 1Farad capacitor, and a RF dual distribution block on it. it is made from MDF and is also carpeted in grey to match my last car's interior. It fits perfect in the rear hatch area of a TA.

the tsunami rc kit helps you add an amp to your existing oem stereo system. it taps into the two lines on a speaker so you can wire a RC cable to your amp. It can be mounted anywhere. i mounted mine on the wall near the spare tire.

I'd like $130 for it all. all you need is wiring, amp, two speakers to have a very nice setup.

more items listed for sale at www.evlls1.com/garage.html

will trade for f150 parts (that'll work for a 2003 supercharged harley davidson)f150