I've got some f-150 part for the front end, I used to have a 2000 model and did a Navigator conversion, then I sold it a few years later, any way, this is what I got, I would prefer a pickup rather than shipping just because of the bulk of these items. If shipping is preferred, then buyer pays. All of the parts are in fair shape, fair meaning there are no dents, there may be MINOR scratches on them for they were in my backyard for a long time. Oh, and I reside in Northwest Louisiana.

fenders(2) w/emblems $125
Bumper support w/brackers & chrome style bumper $140
Header panel $75
Headlight & Blinker assembly(2) $50
A.R.E. Camper shell no windows on side or front $300
Stock front springs(2) $25

If anyone has any questions or would like some pictures you can email me at
blackws6m6@yahoo.com or reply to this post.